JESÚS Capítulo 52 Español Latino HD

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Jesús está protagonizada por Dudu Azevedo junto a un cast que incluye a Guilherme Dellorto y Michel Bercovitch (José), Juliana Xavier y Claudia Mauro (María de Nazaret), Mayana Moura (Satanás), Rafael Gevu (Juan), Petrônio Gontijo (Pedro), Guilherme Winter (Judas Iscariote), Gabriel Gracindo (Mateo), Day Mesquita (María Magdalena), Iano Salomão (Juan el Bautista), Jéssika Alves (María de Betania), Dani Moreno (Marta), Bárbara Borges (Livona), Manuela do Monte (Laila), Valentina Bulc (Solomé), Paulo Gorgulho (Herodes), Nicola Siri (Poncio Pilato), Ronny Kriwat y Eucir de Souza (Caifás), André Gonçalves (Barrabás), Giuseppe Oristanio (José de Arimatea) y Vitor Novelo y Ernani Moraes (Nicodemo).





Genre: CAPITULOS, Drama, SERIES, Suspense

Director: Paula Richard

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  • I LOVE this Novela, it is So Different from the other Series, of Jesus, Moises, or the Ten Comments, it had shown parts of the BIBLE that no one else has shown, I have CRYED even More then the others , I’m very SAD too SEE THIS END, I’m hoping this comes out in DVD so I can Buy ASAP.. Thank You for such A BEAUTIFUL NOVELA,, all the characters are perfect for their roles…🙏🏼

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